Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Book "Competition"

It's all about books and we are giving away a copy of 
The Handmade Marketplace to one of our 
Blog or Facebook Followers

It's easy - all you have to do is to either follow Artists in Business on Facebook or follow our Blog. We would also like you to answer the following question:
"What is your Top Business Tip for Artists/Makers?"
Please leave a comment so that we know that you called. All comments will be entered into the draw on Saturday 21st April and the winner will be notified on Sunday 22nd April 2012. 
The small print: this "competition" is a straight forward draw and is a chance to win one copy of The Handmade Marketplace. It is open to anyone who follows Artists in Business and leaves a comment on the blog or FB page between 10th and 21st April 2012.  No purchase of any product is expected. Artists in Business promises not to send you spam or sell you contact details to a third party. 


More Books Available: Glassprimitif is having a sale of new and nearly new craft and design books. There are some great titles including: block printing, papier mache, paper engineering, celtic designs and more... and if you are in the UK postage is FREE. Check out the titles HERE


  1. "What is your Top Business Tip for Artists/Makers?"

    Keep at it! You have to keep trying and keep learning all the time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advise from other people in your field/craft.


  2. Hi, Paula here from Peblsrock
    My top tip would have to be diversify! It would be sooooo dangerous to assume that one item that you make will become the biggest seller and the one that carries your business. More often it's the diversity of items, the range of colours, the variety that people like the most. I used to think selling sea glass was a great business, but then discovered selling photos of sea glass was even better, as i can sell many sizes, formats, and the same image sells over and over. Now it's a major portion of my income. Give it a try. Each business will be different but the same principle applies.

  3. Alrighty, what a fantastic book to be giving away.

    My business tip for Artists/Makers is try not to do too much at once. Time management is important, organise your tasks by importance and ease, allowing you to achieve something every day. Feeling like you've achieved something is very motivating.

  4. Understand that there will be "up" months and "down" months, and the down months don't mean you're failing.

  5. If you are passionate about what you do, it will show in your work. If you're not passionate about it, don't do it!

  6. Came over via UK Handmade. Have followed and will also find you on fb, like this blog v much. My top tip would be to believe, in yourself, your product and the future you are heading for. Zoe

  7. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiki-Black-Studio/36241730710894010 April 2012 at 18:06

    I also came over via UK Handmade. I've never followed a blog before but will follow this. Kirsten

  8. Stay positive, and keep on keeping on, and make the most of all the other makers out there in internet land, especially if you don't know many Artists/Makers in every day life, they are going through the same struggles, and you can support each other.

  9. My tip is believe in your business, remember why you started the business and remember to enjoy what you do! Be creative and still find time to make things that you enjoy and give you pleasure x

  10. hi there. popped over from UK Handmade. my tip, believe in what you do and keep at it..

  11. My top business tip for artists/designers/makers is to be realistic with your prices. You can't run it as a business if you don't factor in your time into the pricing. Oh and be patient... it will take time for you to get known.
    Christine Harvey
    Rose Cottage Crafts

  12. If you can, find and develop an 'image' or unique selling point. This will help people to remember you, and catch their eye....so that they will hopefully come back to your shop, and recommend you. I'm still working on mine lol!

  13. Hi a blog 'follow' from me!
    My tip...... Well to all artists and crafters don't be afraid!! Do a research in the area to want to go into then go for it, if you make products be confident to be different and don't let things hold you back as it will help you stand out from the crowd. Always take a step back though and look over the last 6 months - a year if something doesn;t work change it and keep moving forward and enjoy!

  14. Hello!
    My top tip is to love what you do and don't get disheartened. Sometimes you do need to evaluate your work and think "What do the public want?" but as long as you dont lose touch with yourself and your ideas, and you are passionate then your products will shine :)

  15. Hi, I just found your blog and love it. There have been some great tips here so far. My top tip would be to develop your brand and to take great photos. I think the tip about not getting disheartened is fantastic. I think a lot of makers develop a website and think that people will just find it and buy. But it takes time and work to drive traffic and it is important to push through the slow times.

  16. Great tips! I started a small Etsy shop in january and only sold some necklaces last month. It spurred me on to create some unusual bookmarks. It gave me confidence, but I also realised that I took a lack of sales personally when I shouldn't have. Keep at it! Keep making, being inspired and thinking outside the box!

  17. Whether it's an online or a 'bricks and mortar' business, be honest about your product(s) and always look at your business from a potential customer's point of view. Firstly, ask yourself: would I buy this if someone else made it? If you can (honestly) answer yes, then you're off to a good start! Once you do start selling, continue to ask yourself similar questions about your customer service, returns/refund policies, shipping prices and methods, product photos/display, and so on.