Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Future Exhibitions

The next Artists in Business sponsored exhibition will be Felted Cloth, in collaboration with Central Hall in Keighley. (Please come and see it for yourself).

Naomi Southon

I have been setting up exhibitions and arts markets for 10 years - most of them when I worked at The Arts Factory - but when the gallery closed in March 2011 there was nothing in Keighley to fill the gap.  Keighley is a small town with a growing community of artists, two musician support centres and an arts organisation for young people (Small World). I really missed the exhibition side of my job and Keighley needs a dedicated gallery. So I was delighted when the CEO of Central Hall asked me to put together an exhibition of local visual artists for the opening of Central Hall last year.  This space is in the cafe area and it has a high footfall. 

Arts Factory, Keighley
I see the purpose of the exhibitions to show a wide range of contemporary visual art, including textiles, photography, fine art and print. Art should both inform and interest its audience so I try to include an explanation of processes and display artists' statements. The exhibitions are aimed at people who enjoy art and people who would not normally visit a gallery (visitors are a mix of cafe users and people who come specifically to see the work). 

Cafe Central Exhibition Area, Central Hall
These exhibitions are not necessarily challenging rather that they are informative.  This exhibition - Felted Cloth - shows the work of three textile artists who are very different in style yet they each use wet felt.  Their work is affordable, tactile and fun.  
Lucy Bowring 
Please keep checking back at the Artists in Business Blog to see more exhibitions and, if you are in Keighley, please pop into Central Hall and enjoy a cuppa whilst viewing the art.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Aire and Worth Valley Arts Consultation Event

Invitation to Have Your Say

Are you a visual artist, designer, digital and media artist, maker, professional or keen amateur?
Do you live in the Aire Valley between Shipley and Skipton or the Worth Valley?

The Aire Valley Consortium for the Arts (a working title!) would like to invite you to a consultation about Arts in the Aire and Worth Valleys on Wednesday 29 February from 5.30pm at Small World, 20 Russell Street, Keighley BD21 3JP

This is YOUR opportunity to have your say about the provision of support for artists and the arts. Your contribution will be presented to Bradford Council and will help us, Aire Valley Consortium, to focus on the needs of local arts practitioners. There will be refreshments and the consultation begins at 6pm

About AVC: we are an arts collective from Kirkgate Studios and Small World whose manifesto is to champion creativity, culture and learning and to promote and improve the cultural life of the Aire Valley area.