Friday, 9 April 2010


My apologies to everyone who has been following the posts about writing a business plan - it's been year-end for us. That means tidying up accounts, writing reports (bleugh) and looking at possible funding streams. I'll be back on with business plans this week (promise).
So, as we head toward May 6 (here in the UK) we wonder what the future holds for artists and art businesses. The recession's over, right? The economy's picking up, right? Everyone's just waiting until after the general election before they release their funding opportunities, spend their cash, commission new art? Wrong.
Those dependable funding streams that provide new opportunities for emerging artists and new arts businesses just aren't going to be there. Whichever political party is elected, they all have one thing in common - there's going to be no new spending. Just think how much potential arts funding has already been swallowed up by the cash-hungry Olympics monster (and it's still devouring money) And as for the banks - they will be too busy buying the government's gilts to want to invest in art. And don't even ASK the Arts Council...
So what shall we do? Shall we all go down the pub for a pint and a moan? Abandon our creativity until things pick up? Keep calm and carry on regardless? 
No, we shall diversify. We will look outside our "comfort zone" for new and innovative projects that will generate income (eventually) whilst satisfying our creative needs. We will support our fellow artists, buy hand made whenever possible, take part in guerilla art events and support pop-up shops. Are you all behind me? (Where have you all gone)?

So, if you ever needed a business plan you need one now!