Friday, 26 August 2011

Photographer Steve Rayner @ Central Hall

Balcony by Steve Rayner
Innovative photographer Steve Rayner is a professional whose client base includes wedding and event photography and product photography.  He talks about his  artistic work here.

"For some time my method of working has been to familiarise myself with an area over a period of time – days, weeks, possibly even years - and then to start to capture elements of that environment that seem important. This is usually done all at once, when the light is just right.  As the images are recorded, I’m visualising how they will interact with each other or combine to form an impression or a feeling rather than a literal representation. Sometimes they work out as composites, occasionally as individual images". 

Hirst Wood
To see Steve's work please visit his latest exhibition, Photography @ Central Hall from Monday September 5 Friday  2011. Find out more HERE.

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