Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shibori Silk Workshop

I had a fabulous afternoon teaching a group of wonderful textile artists how to dye Shibori silk in the microwave.  The workshop was held at Ilkley Operatic Society and the students learned about wrapping, twisting and folding silk to create stunning patterns with colour and texture on silk. 

The students learned two of the many different Japanese Shibori techniques to make patterned cloth - Arashi and Itajime. Arashi is about wrapping and twisting cloth around a pole before space dyeing. This creates a wonderful zig zag pattern, similar to the knitted fabrics in Missoni's Winter Collection. Itajime is a method of folding and clamping cloth to make repeat patterns and star bursts. 
Once dyed and unfolded the patterns and the colours just sing out. Unwrapping the cloth is very exciting and the patterns form just like magic! 

The next Shibori Silk Workshop will be on Saturday 23 July from 11am to 3pm at All Saints Church House, Church Street, Ilkley LS29 9DS. We will be using Ori Nui techniques such as Mokumi, Kumo and Karamatsu to make complex cloth in vibrant colours. I hope you can join us!

To book your place or find out more please contact or call 01535 654026

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