Sunday, 20 December 2009

In the Studio (Part 6)

Any space can become studio - all you need is some time, energy and a little imagination. Each month we feature Artist's Studios to inspire and encourage your creativity. If you would like your special space be featured in Artists in Business please contact us using the Kontactr Box at the bottom of the blog.

The Dots and Spots Studio
Dubbed the igloo in winter and the sauna in summer, a conservatory attached to the side of the family home serves as the studio for Becky, the artist behind dots and spots. “Having my own space to work is really important to me” she says “but as my range has grown, I could now do with it being twice the size!” Being glass, the space is infused with light, giving an airy feel that belies its size and Becky’s organised nature means that every nook and cranny sports a unique storage solution for the paper, ribbon, buttons and other bits and bobs that she uses to build up her vibrant – and spotty! – pieces of collage art.
The studio looks out onto the back garden and then, across a cycle path, to the trees of a local park. “It was whilst staring idly out of my studio onto the washing blowing in the breeze that I got the inspiration for my ‘Washing Line of Love’ range that is proving to be particularly popular.” Becky has recently given up her teaching career to concentrate full time on her business designing and producing cards, prints and art in her own unique style: “I’m so glad I’ve taken the plunge and am finally pursuing a life-long dream to work as an independent artist. The only thing I miss is the camaraderie of the staff-room. Sometimes working all day in your studio can be a little lonely, but now I’ve discovered Twitter I’m able to have a natter with fellow artists and crafters around the country, all from the comfort of my very own studio!”

Dots and Spots Shop
Dots and Spots Blog

Textile Artist Deborah Good
"I've worked from home making bespoke soft furnishings, home accessories and gifts for about 10 years now. I started in the dining room and, when I needed more space, progressed to the conservatory. Three years ago, when we could no longer find a path through all my materials to the door, we decided it really was time to build in the garden!
"The fantastic workshop is 10 metres long and 3 wide - I have two thirds of it, my husband has the rest. My part is self contained, cosy and insulated. (I covet my husband's bit too - would love to knock through and use it to store my fabrics tidily!)
I have a huge fabric stash on shelves (now sagging quite badly under the weight) along the back wall, an 8 x 4 foot table with rolls of fabric underneath and ample storage. All my craft fair/Folksy stock is stored on shelves and in baskets; there's a bookshelf full of crafting, sewing and interior books, patterns and cuttings; a rescued war time Utility cupboard hoards my threads, tools and other equipment and my daughter's empty and redundant doll's house is useful for stashing away paperwork. I use a 15 year old Pfaff machine and a slightly older overlocker, but also have an ancient Pfaff on an industrial bed, which is useful but very temperamental!
I'm working in my workshop most days, either on a soft furnishing commission, a re-upholstery project or my stock for
I'm one lucky lady - I love my sanctuary!

Pretty Goods on Folksy

Ceramic Artist Charlotte Hupfield
"My passion for ceramics started from an early age, and it was at university where my skills, techniques, understanding and creativity developed. After graduating in 2008 I have continued to develop my ceramics over the past 18 months. I began by working from home which wasn't ideal as it got rather messy and storage space was limited. When everything took off 6 months ago I decided it was time to have my own creative space to produce work.
My workshop in the garden has been a life-saver and I don't know what I would do without it now. It's nice to sit out there at my leisure with a cup of tea. It's also great to have so much natural light coming in through the windows. I have the occasional friends that sometimes come to say hello, such as the robin who watches me through the window, and the squirrel who jumps about on the roof! There is a big Christmas tree right outside the window, so I'm looking forward to the sight of it decorated nearer to Christmas.
I enjoy cleaning, tidying and organising my workshop every now and then but it soon gets untidy again! I made my own ceramic plaque which hangs on the outside next to the door. My plaques have been quite popular this year and I've made several for other peoples' craft cabins and studios.
It gets a bit stuffy in the summer but it's nice to have the door open with fresh air coming in. On the other hand, I'm just starting to experience the winter weather! I'm lucky to have a hallogen heater which heats up the small space and soon makes it feel warm and cosy.
My current work ranges from handmade items inspired by the natural world such as vases, bowls, sculptural vessels, coasters, plaques, clocks, letter racks, candle shaders, as well as smaller items including magnets, keyrings and brooches. I'm looking forward to lots of future design and creativity in my workshop."

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