Thursday, 15 October 2009

In the Studio (Part 4)

"In the Studio" is a regular feature showing artists' studios. Whether you work in a purpose-built studio, a shed, an attic or at the kitchen table, we are interested in seeing where you create your art. If you would like to be featured "In the Studio" contact Artists in Business via the email link at the bottom of the page and prepare a short write up and four jpegs too.

Danni of Nelli D

"Well, here we have it, my humble little studio, at the bottom of the garden with the birds and the bees! Stuffed full to the brim, with supplies, boxes of fabric and spiders, I just love it. Everything has its place and is relatively organised, well I know where it all is anyway! I'd like to give the inside a lick of paint but so far I haven't had a spare minute so it will have to wait for now.
I intended to do everything on the big table, but I just cant help myself...I have things drying here there and everywhere and I always end up doing my sewing on a tiny little tv table that is just about big enough ....oh well it works for me. I love the idea of it being like an old sweetshop/antiques shop. I am a bit of an old romantic at heart and being squirrelled away at the bottom of the garden inspires my creations. It is especially great when it is raining because it is amazingly warm in there. I keep all of my beads in recycled jam jars and I am obsessed with old suitcases which I fill with different craft bits and bobs. I recently found a lovely old wooden tool box at a car boot sale for £1 which is totally gorgeous, which is now home to lots of beads.
When I am working I have a trusty side kick...Bub who always agrees that my creations are lovely. She is a lovely old dog who enjoys nothing more than just being with you. So that's it, the nelli D hub!"

Nelli D on Folksy

Leigh Shepherd Designs.

"Both my husband and I work from home so our living space has to be multifunctional and with two small children in the mix its a busy place! I have appropriated part of our dining room as a workspace. It is a light airy room with doors onto the garden making it ideal for working in
and its easy to move outside when I need to prepare wood for my
Tiny Tile Paintings. As my
business is growing I find that I need more and more storage space. My craft fair gear takes up a lot of room, I keep it packed up in the corner ready for the next event. I use a thrifted display cabinet as a packaging station, this allows me to keep everything to hand. The cabinet also houses my resins, glues, varnishes, and larger tools.
The resin I use on my paintings is too hazardous to pour in the house so I do this in the garage. I have an old bakery bread tray to keep the work contained and I cover it with a sheet of cardboard to protect from dust as the tiles dry. My set up is fairly basic but it suits me just fine!"

Leigh Shepherd Blog


  1. Oh I love looking at other peoples crafty work spaces - I will have to get cracking with a big tidy up of mine so I can submit it here!

  2. Thank you for featuring my (tiny) space. I'm gazing enviously at that wonderful garden studio!