Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Opportunity for Illustrators & Designers

Your Special Delivery is a brand spanking new site where artists can sell their art work and crafters can buy the images direct.

The concept is that designers have a personal page where they can display and sell their work and all work must be produced in a way that it can be sent electronically to the buyer. As the site hosts space for other designers it is a hub for different styles and therefore having something for everyone.

The site currently has two resident designers, Gina Rahman and Jenni Hamilton , and shows the two different spaces available to designers, a single shop page or a multiple category list.
Designers list items for 20p per item and if they want a multiple category shop this can be purchased for £5.00 (sterling). Each designers page has their own paypal button which means all sales go direct and not through the site owner.

For crafters it is a great place to find digital stamps, decoupage sheets, backing papers, templates and much more at affordable prices. There is no minimum spend and the item can be with you within 48 hours at the latest. As payments are taken through paypal its a secure and trusted method.

A freebie page that changes each week is also a feature that will entice people to visit and to then discover more about the designer who offers a taste of his/her work.

There is a great gallery where you can view all the artwork and even a Forum where you can chat about designs, crafts or anything at all.

So why not give it a go? Visit Your Special Delivery and see for yourself.

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  1. Update from Handcrafted on your special delivery we now have Ildi.co, HJ designs, Sunshine stamps, Zara Pemberton, Odd girl creates and Scrapper now listing on this Digital craft site.