Sunday, 26 July 2009

In the Studio (Part 1)

"In the Studio" is a regular feature showing ... er.... artists' studios! Whether you work in a purpose-built studio, a shed, an attic or at the kitchen table, we are interested in seeing where you create your art. If you would like to be featured "In the Studio" contact Artists in Business via the email link at the bottom of the page and prepare a short write up and four jpegs too.
Suzanne (Periwinklesuz) Glass Artist
"I painted my studio and moved my glass torch inside so I can use it this summer. I chose a girlie color as I am the only girl in the house and I need a "girl cave". It still needs some ventilation so that I can blow the propane out when I use the torch. I love my work area and I got my table at Pier1 at such an incredible deal and it is perfect. The blanket under the table is where my pup hangs out. Here is my computer where I spend time on Facebook and I have made myself a Flair Board.
I love having my own room where I can just 'be' and play with my stuff. I also like the fact that I can close the door and not have to tidy away at the end of the day".

Melanie Hazen Jewelry & Glass Artist
"In January 2009 I contacted a friend, who is also a builder, to create my studio space. It measures 14' x 14' with a concrete slab floor and wood ceiling (which I love)! I had drawn out the space as I saw it and he advised me about the needs and the costs for the building. It has heat/air, phone and is stubbed in for water, although it's not connected yet. There is a dedicated glass space and metals space at either end of a built-in stainless steel work bench, an area for assembling beaded pieces and an area for packaging materials, magazines and books. I am still working on getting it decorated!
I've been working from my garage for eight years therfore the creation of a studio space is a dream come true."

Janice (JKA Designs) dichroic glass and sterling silver jewelry
"A few years ago I converted one of my bedrooms into a small but functional studio. Since I work with more than one medium I have divided the space into three sections One section os dedicated to cutting and fusing glass and ouses my small kiln. Another sectioon is where I solder all my jewelry pieces and is home to my (can't live without) rolling mill and drill press. The third section is where I use the hand saw, carry out fabrication on silver pieces create beaded necklaces and wire wrap my fused pendants. I house my larger kiln in my garage for fusing sushi plates, candle holders and large decorative glass".

Anna Hull (Half an Acre) decorative wood designs
"I totally love this room and I "stole" it when we moved into the house (ha ha)! It's not very big and I have lined all four walls with furniture so there is just a wee space in the centre for me to move around in. This spare bit of floor is then covered in drying fish, print offs and other detritus. I tried tidying it up but I have realised that I really didn't mins it being a mess. It only has short-coomgs when I am painting, using the sewing machine and the laptop all at the same time.
I can do whatever I like in this room; paint it without "consultation" and stick whateve I fancy on the walls with scraggy bits of tape. It's MINE and everyone else in the house knows it!"


  1. Jo, this is a great article! I love to see other makers' work spaces it's always very interesting and good for ideas about how to re-organise my (tiny) space. I don't have a dedicated room so my concern is storage.
    Thanks for a really interesting read.

  2. This is such a great idea for a post. I love seeing other people's studios. Always so inspiring. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a signed, limited edition print of my newest illustration.

  3. This is great! I love seeing other artists creative spaces! :) I think it really connects us with one another!

    Thank you for the feature!

  4. Great article, thanks! I want to know where Anna got her drawers (wooden ones that is)!