Thursday, 11 June 2009

Artists in Business mean Business!

Why would artists need to know about business? Surely our role is to create beautiful or challenging objects and not "dirty" ourselves with marketing, selling and promotion. Well, unless you are successful enough to have an agent and accountant or you are happy enough to live in a garrett creating art for YOU then artists need to know about the business of art.
Artists in Business is aimed at all self employed artists and artisans whether you are a WAHM, social network seller, sell via a website, own a B & M shop, just completed your art education, returning to the arts after a break or have been selling your work for a lifetime.


  1. How right you are! I look forward to reading more.
    Thanks for "dirtying" yourself on our behalf...

  2. what a great idea!! we're all in the business of creating and how nice if the side effect is making a living at it as well! i'm leslie the "stymie" in
    i'm an artist,muralist and handpainter and i'm very tired! LOL! feel free to contact me and say hi!