Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Three New Exhibitions...

We are very busy here at "Business Towers" supporting artists who are exhibiting their art in Yorkshire. We have three exhibitions starting this month to take us through to the New Year. more information about each exhibition will be on its way.

South Square Studio Artists at New Bradford Playhouse. Open now, three of South Square's studio holders, June Russell, Patricia Calver and Tony O'Connell are exhibiting their work in the bar area of the New Bradford Playhouse in Little Germany, Bradford. visit the theatre's website for opening times.

Barcaeyes by China9

China9 at Central Hall, Keighley. Huddersfield based artist, Dex Hannon, exhibits unusual art as his alter ego, China9, at our regular exhibition space in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Show starts Wednesday 28th November. Check out the Facebook Event HERE


This is a first! Sally Storr and Jo Whitehead exhibit glass, ceramics and plaster at Otley Courthouse, West Yorkshire from Sunday 2nd December. The exhibition, called Vessel, explores the deconstruction of the purpose of containers that hold liquid. Visit the Otley Courthouse website for opening times. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Opportunity for Yorkshire Artists

South Square centre, Thornton

South Square Salon 2012 | Call for Works

Following on from the success of the South Square Salon 2010, South Square Gallery in Thornton near Bradford, West Yorkshire is offering artists another opportunity to display their works in a salon-style exhibition during the months of December and January at South Square.

Artists working in any media are welcome to apply, there is no selection process so all submissions are guaranteed at least one artwork on display. For a £10 submission fee artists may submit up to 3 works for the show. This is a great opportunity to exhibit and sell your work in a professional gallery space.

If you are interested in applying please visit to download the application form.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Do You Punctuate?

Retro Dial by Bec Gilray of Do You Punctuate
A while ago Artist in Business featured different artists and creatives who were business-minded and we have decided to revise this feature. We would like to introduce you to Bec Gilray of Do You Punctuate? A Letter press artist based in Otley, West Yorkshire UK.

"I started 'Do You Punctuate?' last October when I stumbled upon studio space at the Courthouse in Otley. The Courthouse is an arts and community centre that has art spaces for local practising artists and crafters. 

Studio, Otley Courthouse
"I realised I needed bigger premises when my dining room was being taken over by printing presses and boxes of type and ink! So I researched commercial spaces but it became apparent that they were going to be quite expensive. It was an email to the Courthouse enquiring about their studio spaces that lead to me moving in fairly quickly and getting set up within a couple of weeks. 
"Once it became known that I was there, people from everywhere (it seemed!) started giving me equipment, bits of type they had in their sheds, helping move furniture, I had a plan chest given to me, paper and ink. If it was print related I was given it! It was fantastic because people are genuinely curious as to what happens in my studio and I'm always glad to show them. 

"I love the studio because the light is stunning and with the windows being so big I get to people watch when I'm having a cuppa. I've tried to keep the furniture and feel in keeping with the time period of the courthouse, so I have eclectic studio furniture that is a mixture of Edwardian and some 50's inspired pieces. I'm quite nostalgic and I love vintage styles but I try to combine it with contemporary ideas to keep my work fresh but with a twist.

"I've been a printer for a few years now and I specialised at university in typography. It was during my MA that I started to buy more printing presses and really develop a passion for letterpress printing. The presses I own are a bookbinding press, an Adana 8x5 and a Charlton and Cropper Improved Peerless press. The Peerless has just recently been restored by my Uncle and I am really excited about the possibilities of printing that this new press has opened for me. 

"I open once a month for an open studio day, this coincides with the Courthouse's Designer Craft fairs and I give demonstrations of the printing press and have my printed goods for sale. I mostly print stationery but I do prints from time to time. I do a lot of commissions for people and I love applying my style to their ideas to create something unique and different. I also enjoy creating my own work and I use old newspapers and adverts as inspiration for creating new print ideas that is transformed into cards and stationery. 
"In the future I aim to have people come and explore letterpress printing by running workshops, I feel my studio is such a lovely space that it's a shame not to share it with other creatives as well".  Bec Gilray, Do You Punctuate?
You can follow Becs on Facebook or visit her on-line shops at Not on The High Street and Big Cartel

We ask our artists to share one business tip and here is Bec's:
"Get a really good accountant(!) and find local crafters who can lend support and help. It's hard working on your own at times so it's good to know that other professional crafts people are in the same boat. Being part of the Craft soup which is a Facebook group for fellow Yorkshire craft people, has been invaluable to me in both a personal and professional context".

If you would like to be featured as an artist in business please visit our Contacts Page
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